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Kong 62399

Date Available for Adoption: 10-02-2023

Date Adopted: 03-19-24

I am a 2 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

**ADOPTION FEE PAID! Thank you so much, Shaw & Crowson, P.A.!**

Date in shelter: 9/27/2023

A Day Out With Kong ….who identifies as a GIANT Teddy Bear. As told by one of his favorite volunteers: “From the moment you see him, you will gasp at his impressive features. He will try to hypnotize you into going for a walk. It works, you leash him up. That’s easy. He plops down into a regal “Sit” at his kennel door showing you how mannerly he is.

As you open the door you wonder how it will be to walk this 100 pound beast past all the other dogs. Will he react and drag you down the row? Will the kennel staff see this and laugh at you? nope. Kong prances past all the other dogs like they are not there or is he bragging that he got out and they did not. As he willingly sits at the last gate, you think wow….Kong is such an easy-going guy, how could someone move out and leave him behind? Kong says that doesn’t matter, he likes his kennel and his friends and he knows better things are waiting for him.

As you snap out of your day dream, you realize there are cats outside the gate. Will he charge them? You plant your feet, but no need- he lumbers right on by the fluffers and you think if he could whistle he surely would be whistling as his head tilts in time with his steps. As you march past the play yards a few neighbors charge the gate and bark enthusiastically at Kong. You get ready for his reaction. Grabbing the leash tighter, but Kong does not break stride, the rhythmic dance continues and he turns his head and nods in amusement to the feeble effort to intimidate him. Whistling, head tilting, prancing down the lane. You are amazed at his casual demeanor.

At the turn around spot, Kong shows his prankster side. He grabs your sleeve, elbows are particularly enticing to him. You remember the kennel staff said be firm with correction. You say a commanding “NO”! It worked. Oh wait, he is still young and playful so he just thought you meant no to that one body part, so he shifts his interest to the cuff on your pants. Imagine his surprise when he has somehow displeased you. Another firm “No”. This time you tell him to “Sit”. That makes him so happy because Sit is one of the best things he does. He plops down to receive praise. Wait, you just want to walk more, NOT wrestle? His size may be intimidating but he has been a laid-back gentle giant who wants to get back to sleeping on a couch.

Due to his playfulness he can’t be handed out to every walker. He is working on his manners with a trainer and some of the staff and volunteers to teach him to lengthen his attention span to gain more self control. Everyone that spends time with him just loves him so much. We are looking for just the right home for him. If you think you have what it takes to help us shape his behavior and give him a forever home filled with kisses, head scratches and boundaries. Please ask to see him. We would prefer Kong to be the only creature in his kingdom for now so he can focus on his training and bond with his hooman. But Kong is ALL you need♥️

Adoption fee paid

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