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Marigold -59431

Date Available for Adoption: 03-28-2023

Date Adopted: 07-19-23

I am a 1 year old, Spayed Female, Pit Bull Terrier Mix.

Marigold is a complete love bug! She is happy to see everyone all the time. She seems to always have a smile on her face, and is a huge hugger and kisser! While we’re still trying to work on only giving hugs when asked, she just wants to let you know she already loves you. Once she settles down, she stops the hugging and flops over trying to get the belly rubs. All in all, she just wants to please you. If you would like to offer up some belly rubs come on by and see her!

Marigold is still learning her manners since it doesn’t seem like she had much guidance in life previously. She tends to get a little nippy when she gets excited, but she doesn’t mean it in an aggressive way – she just needs someone willing to work with her and dedicate time to training her (and she’s treat motivated and smart, so training should come easy to her). A dog savvy owner with patience and a loving heart would be best for this sweet girl. She is an energetic pup who loves her walks and exercise but also loves laying down and hanging out once she’s gotten her energy out. Marigold would be so happy to get all of the cuddles on the couch! Since she can be very bouncy and still learning not to get the “excited nips” we recommend her only going to a home with older children. She currently weighs around 60 pounds.

Marigold is in a loving foster home while she looks for her forever home. Her wonderful foster, Amanda, has this to say about her:

Marigold is doing wonderful in foster. She is very smart and learns quick! She knows sit, come/here, leave it, easy, and No! Working on wait/stay right now. She freely roams the yard with two chickens and does not bother them. Marigold walks very nicely on a leash, lays down and relaxes on car rides, and loves to just lay at the beach with you. She has also learned how to play fetch with her ball!

She is fine with the neighbor dogs on the other side of the fence and is not really phased by any dogs we pass on our walks. Seems to be any dog at a distance, she could care less. Dogs in her immediate space, still working on that. She is house and crate trained. Even though she is not even 2 yet, Marigold is overall a low energy dog.

Her foster has a very flexible schedule and often can meet on short notice. If you’d like to meet Marigold, please submit an adoption application and we can arrange for her foster to bring her in whenever works for you!


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