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Merryweather 62006

Date Available for Adoption: 09-12-2023

Date Adopted: 09-20-23

I am a 3 year old, Spayed Female, Coonhound Mix.

Merryweather completes our set of 3 fairies. Both Flora and Fauna have gotten great homes and we know Merryweather has the perfect home waiting for her. She is a beautiful healthy coonhound mix, weighing 80 pounds. She is quite an impressive girl. When she first arrived, she was not a fan of other creatures. She is mellowing now and is not as reactive to cats and dogs. She is a pretty easy walker, and it is fun to watch her enjoying life outside her small kennel. She really enjoys her play yard time and is quite animated.
Here are some things to consider when adopting this lovely girl:
Merryweather would make a great companion for someone who is an active person, runner, biker, or hiker. She needs a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy. The breed has a very strong prey drive, it is not recommended that she be off leash in an uncontrolled situation, as she will not be able to resist her instinct to follow interesting scents she detects with her sensitive nose. A fenced area where she can run freely, chasing a ball in her backyard can be an excellent source of exercise.

Doing enrichment activities are also effective ways to keep Merryweather happy. They work her brain as well as her nose and help encourage relaxation and happiness for her, (so she can then relax with you on your large sofa.) From tracking to scatter feeding, coonhounds are happiest when they’re using their nose. Investing time into scent work classes, or nose-stimulating toys like snuffle mats, or even into creating search boxes for them out of the amazon or chewy delivery stuff are a few examples of ways to enrich her life and yours.

Coonhounds can be tenacious, tireless, and stubborn on the trail, but at home these spirited hunters are sweet companions. The breed’s prey drive and energy, the patience it takes to train them, and their tendency to bark in a loud, ringing voice make them most appropriate for experienced dog owners. She will find a cat and let you know the cat is there. That is her job.

These are generalizations based on the some of the AKC characteristics of this breed. We Like to inform potential adopters and encourage them to go research the breed they want to take home.

Merryweather is a very sweet lovable girl looking for her forever people. Please come and meet her and let her give you a laugh as she tells you about all the small creatures she is living with.

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