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Momma Nosy Pants-40006

Date Available for Adoption: 08-20-2021

Date Adopted: 03-11-2022

I am a 5.5 year old, Spayed Female, Pitbull Mix.

Momma Nosy Pants 🐽

This girl is the shelter’s head honcho and she knows it. You may remember her from 2017, she was one of our longest residents here. She was a play group rockstar too. We could put any dog with Momma and she would teach them how to play and correct them if they were rude. She was adopted and we were so thrilled to never see this girl again.

Fast forward to 2021, we unexpectedly got this girl back. She was not set up for success in her home. She came back a little more round, overgrown nails, and horrible ear infections. She was so confused when she got back and wasn’t herself. After she started feeling better physically, we got her spirit back. Momma is the same sweet, nosy girl we’ve had in 2017. She is more social now and loves barreling out of the kennel and body slamming people into saying hi to her. She really believes she runs the kennels.

Momma would do best in a home as the only animal. While she used to be so good with dogs, she had a negative experience and that has made her fearful of other dogs and she feels the need to protect herself. She would do good in a home where she would get plenty of exercise and cut down on the snacks, because she’s a little (a lot) thick.She does love going for walks and sticking her nose to the ground. Momma also thinks she’s a lap dog, so she would be perfect for you if you don’t mind a warthog plopping down on ya. She’s around 5.5 years old now.

We all have a huge soft spot for Momma and we hope someone gives her the second chance she truly deserves.

Phots by Coastal Vibes Photography

Not good with cats Not good with dogs

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