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Naveen 61516

Date Available for Adoption: 08-08-2023

I am a 3 year old, Female, Lab/Terrier Mix.

Naveen really does not know why she is here at HSWC. She knows she has people. She is confused why we are making her stay here. Some dogs really enjoy their kennel because they have good food and treats so much better than they ever had before. Not the case with Naveen. She has been well taken care of by her previous owners. She has been well fed by her people. She weighs 57 lbs, and has beautiful fur and skin. She seems to be a calm old soul but still a 3 years young pup. She is reserved with dogs and cats. She does not bark at the kennel door. We are trying to get through to her that she is in a good place now. She is starting to open up and you can see in her beautiful golden eyes, trust is starting to grow. We can now see her sweet side. She is starting to let her guard down. We know there is a great new life waiting for her. Her new people will need to have patience and go at her pace. Trust can’t be rushed. We know she will be a wonderful dog once she is again in a quiet home. We know it’s there. The shelter environment is stressful and affects each dog differently. We would like her to get into a home soon. Please spend some time with this beautiful golden eyed princess and help us teach her life can be good again.

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