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Phelan 63817

Date Available for Adoption: 03-07-2024

Date Adopted: 07-05-24

I am a 9 month old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

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Sporting strong Gaelic roots, the name Phelan is the perfect moniker for this brave little warrior. Meaning “wolf,” this fella has surely been strong and fierce as he has traveled through his difficult life so far to survive. He now turns a new page on his adventure novel and as he begins this new chapter, his fans anxiously await the good things that will be coming his way. He deserves them!!
There are so many answers we do not have.
Why crop the ears so short or at all?
Why was he not fed enough?
Why all the scars on his face?
We are making the assumption he had a pack of dogs that he lived with. They were not separated and fought for food. He came in weighing 35 pounds and is already gaining weight.
He shows no reactivity to other dogs walking by or in the play yards.
However, we feel in this chapter of healing and growth he needs to be the only member of the dog pack in his new home. Not because he doesn’t get along with other dogs, but because he needs to have his owners focus on him. He is sweet and loving but has gotten a rough start.
At some point down the road a sibling might be possible but in the coming months he will be trying to gain the necessary weight to be his healthy self.
He is a lap dog and very lovable. He holds no grudge against how humans have treated him previously. He is curious and playful. He’s been around other animals before and takes it all in stride.
He loves to lay in your lap in the sunshine and watch the cats walk by. He says, “Sure it would be fun to chase them, but I’d rather get your lovins!”
He likes to curl up on his bed and wait for the next cuddle session with his fans. He would be the perfect companion to watch baseball games, movies or romantic comedies. He’s your fella. He is a great listener too.
Phelan is pheelin phine now getting all the phood he wants.
Phelan is phinally content to relax in his bungalow.
He’s now moving on to look for his phorver home.


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