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Prince 63483

Date Available for Adoption: 01-29-2024

I am a 4 year old, Male, Lab/Beagle Mix.

Prince has the perfect name to describe him. His tale is waiting for a happy ending tho. His house burned down and his family had nowhere to go. Prince is reserved. We have had to go slow with introductions. Although he came from a home with a child we feel at this time he would do well in a quiet home. He seems to be selective with who he opens up to. He tells us when he is uncomfortable, and we need to respect who he is and what he has been through. His new family should crate train him in a quiet room before giving him the keys to the castle. He needs to feel secure in his space where he can listen and learn the new routine of his new home. He was mostly an outdoor dog during the day, coming in at night. His access to people might have been limited. He can be snippy if new people move quickly. He does not trust everyone yet. He loves deeply those who has opened up to.
He has a gently nature. He will make someone a wonderful companion if the pace is slow.
He weighs 51 pounds and has a beautiful coat.
His bff volunteer has this to say about him:
♥️ “He is a gentle fella, loves cuddles and his squeaky toys. He is neat in his kennel. He walks well and has good manners “♥️
If you have a quiet home and feel you can go slowly with exposing Prince to life please come and sit with him and take a stroll. We are sure he will soothe your soul. It might take more than one meeting for him to connect with you, but one trust us built he will be by your side or in your lap for life. Sometimes we don’t get the instant “Lassie moments” with dogs immediately opening up and licking our faces, but often building layers of trust slowly gives us a deeper connection.
We hope that the right person can come along and give him the time and training he needs to adjust and become a trusted new member of the family.

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