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Rocky 64421

Date Available for Adoption: 05-05-2024

Date Adopted: 05-29-24

I am a 6 year old, Male, Cane Corso Mix.

Rocky has arrived at HSWC! No, not the fighter or the funny squirrel. Although our Rocky would like his own theme song! This guy is his own unique larger than life character. It is a sad situation, and you can see it on his face he is heartbroken and missing his person. As we are getting to know his personality more, we see his sensitive nature coming through. He is confused and guarded right now. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Rocky’s former owner had no choice but to surrender him. It was very difficult on both of them. Rocky has only known and loved one owner for his entire life. He is loyal and he needs a person to take care of. His deep soulful eyes tell his story of heartbreak. We keep reassuring this stoic fella that we are his friends, and he is in a really good place. He doesn’t quite believe us yet, but soon he will! We are going very slowly introducing him to new things so as to not overwhelm him. As he is adjusting to shelter life, this is what we know so far about this handsome fella:
🐶Strong and gentle.
🐶Loyal and protective.
🐶Calm. Not overly enthusiastic about trusting just yet. But not showing bad manners either.
🐶Extra Large 90 Pounds.
🐶Walks easily. Not showing high energy right now.
🐶Unsure, cautious and dog selective right now.
🐶 He knows commands: come, sit, stay.
😼not interested in cats

Researching the breeds Cane Corso and Mastiff might help you understand what adopting this big guy would be like.
We know he is going to open up and show more of his personality as the days roll by. Come and visit this great guy. Take a walk and talk things over. Maybe you can convince him to open his big heart and let us get him a great home!!


Adoption fee paid

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