Date Available for Adoption: 06-23-2020

Date Adopted: 09-11-2020

I am a 4 year old, Spayed Female Rottweiler/Boxer.

Adoption Story:

Rousey is a sweet little pup with a heart of gold. She is coming out of her shell more and more every single day. This girl loves her toys whether it’s playing tug of war or playing fetch. Rousey knows the “drop” command. Make sure you’re ready to throw her toys for hours because she loves her play time! When you say who’s a good girl, Rousey spins in circles and turns her head. She knows the words- “outside” and “get your toy.” She is close to being house trained and will hold it until she goes potty outside.

She is so cute and needs an owner/family that will build up her confidence and take it slow with her. Rousey would do best with a family/person that is active. She needs a quiet home, one that is not rambunctious or loud. A fenced in yard would be nice so she can play fetch to her hearts content, but don’t forget her walks! She would be easy to train because she’s super smart. Once Rousey loves, she loves hard, and attaches herself to her people.

Rousey tested well with cats, she leaves them alone. For right now until her confidence is built up, she should be the only dog in the home. I wouldn’t recommend Rousey into a home with children under 12.

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