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Scudd – 61738

Date Available for Adoption: 11-01-2023

Date Adopted: 12-22-23

I am a 3 year old, Neutered Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier Mix.

Who wants 23 pounds of sweet fun and happy tail wags? This pupper has all the good stuff… part Beagle fun, Jack Russell bounce, Corgi style and stature. This new friend is always in a good mood, very neat in his crate, house trained, easily handled by staff and volunteers whom he trusts. He is not bothered walking by cats and dogs. He is smart and picks up training commands easily.

He does seem to have little dog protective syndrome. He seems to pick one person to attach himself to and needs to protect that person. Everyone in the house would need to work on feeding and training him to level out his need to be protective of one person. He spends his time thinking of where his new friends will be taking him on the next walk. Please hurry and meet this beautiful pup. He is a compact sweet fella, but may be better suited for a home with older children. He Is the perfect size and has the best personality.

He will need training. He seems to have issues with sudden unusual actions such as someone tripping over him, falling on him, or if he doesn’t see where your hand is and it startles him. This could be a fear issue that he is reacting to. His good friends that he trusts can pick him up with ease and do not have any issues with him. He is a dog that will need the two week shut down followed to the letter to give him the best chance at a successful transition from shelter environment to your home.

Here are some tips about going slow with Scudd:
When meeting him, GO SLOW means do not crowd him, box him in or have lots of fast moving hands coming toward him.
Slow introductions to things:
Go slow means keeping his activities limited to around the house for two weeks.
No beach trips, petsmart, Lowe’s etc. He needs to figure out his new space and his new routine.
Go Slow means only members of the family living in the house interact with him. No relatives visit. No neighbors coming over to meet him for the first two weeks. No holiday parties. No bark in the park outings for the first two weeks.
Go slow means give him a place that is his, in his crate with a nice blanket and things he likes.
Go slow means establish a consistent routine. Training needs to start when you drive in the driveway after taking him home.
He will be a wonderful companion once he knows who is boss. (That should be you, not him)

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