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Slim 63889

Date Available for Adoption: 03-09-2024

I am a 7 year old, Female, Boxer Mix.

“Well things have really been ups and downs. I had a home, then we went for a drive and they let me out and I thought we was going for a walk. But then they drove off.

I was not used to being outside, so I hid in the woods by these houses. Nice folks talked to me and gave me food. There was other animals and that’s fine. I just wanted to get back inside my house but I can’t find it. Then this other guy came up and put me in the truck and boom went for another drive. Then I was at this place with dogs all around me. That’s ok! There are tiny furry cats here too. They wander around. That’s ok.

I don’t like being by myself. I get to singing the blues. I have a worried face they tell me. Whatever that is. You might worry too if you couldn’t find your family. Nice people give me lots of food. I go out for outside time but I don’t like it when they leave me alone in the yard. I just want to be with people. I’ve lived my whole life with them and now it’s gone.

They say I will get new people. I don’t know how to do that. I’m not very good at telling jokes or goofing around like some of these critters. But I’m a good listener and easy going. I don’t like to go fast, I don’t like to tug hard. They say I’m beautiful. Maybe that will help me get a new family. They say I’m a good size 50 pounds and have nice long fur that is shiny.

Slim isn’t my name but Mr Truck man said what gal wouldn’t want to be called Slim? So that’s what they call me. One guy calls me supersweet. That’s nice. I don’t know what I think about kids yet. Maybe I won’t mind if they are tame, you know-have training and will not jump all over me. That might be ok. I like things to go slow.

I might like someone to sing with. Easy walks and let’s watch TV and nap. Some people say I’m ugly, but other folks like my face. I have lots of love to give to the right person. Do you think that could be you? I promise to be a good girl .”🐕‍🦺

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