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Sloane 63955

Date Available for Adoption: 03-14-2024

Date Adopted: 04-04-24

I am a 6 month old, Spayed Female, Pit Bull Mix.

In keeping with our current Irish theme, Sloane the stray has arrived at HSWC. Meaning: Raider or warrior, Sloane has traveled the streets of Salisbury. She is an independent 6 month old, she is a strong walker conquering the sidewalks she chooses to. She is not trained yet to follow the tall person on the other end of the leash.


She has gorgeous crystal blue eyes. some passers by have compared to husky eyes. Soft blue gray brindle coat. A bit thicker than standard APBTerriers coat.
Beautiful markings. She weighs 35 pounds, and has tall animated ears.

☘️Sweet and loving.
☘️Gives free hugs on days that end in Y
☘️Might rather sit in your lap somedays than be a warrior but she is always up for raiding the fridge for snacks!
☘️Independent, yet not very confident right now.
She needs to learn to follow directions from someone other than herself.
Basic training will make her more confident. “Sit, come, down, paw, place” are so very important commands for a young warrior to learn to be well rounded well adjusted and mannerly.

She is curious but timid around cats and dogs. More socialization will be happening with her. If you are interested in adding Sloane to your family we will do a meet and greet with your dogs to evaluate how Sloane feels about siblings. Right now she may be dog selective as she is still unsure of where she is and what exactly the rules are in this pub.
She is a puppy and will probably be smelting if other animals is the introductions are slow.

Sloane is often associated with tall tales and brave leaders. We certainly hope a brave leader will step up to give her grand adventures, tall tails and lots of hugs and kisses.

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