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Starlord – 60018

Date Available for Adoption: 05-23-2023

Date Adopted: 06-30-23

I am a 1 year old, Neutered Male, Rottweiler.

Starlord has no poker face. You can read his personality right there in that big tongue filled smile. It is very easy to spoil a smooshy teddy bear like him. He’s a giant lovebug and will be sure to give you all of the hugs and kisses to let you know he loves you the second you meet him. He recently went on an adventure downtown to film a news appearance, and had so much fun getting out and about. He is an excellent car rider and would love someone that wants to take him out for more fun filled days. He can be a little strong at first on his walks, but once he settles in then he is an easy to handle.

Starlord is a lot of dog, and basically still a puppy, so he will be looking for an owner that will continue his training so he can be the best dog he can be. He currently thinks everything is a chew toy (which is why he has a chain leash he can’t chew on) so he will need a dog savvy owner that is willing to dedicate the time and patience to give him the training that he needs. He generally gets along with most dogs, but we don’t think he’s ever been around many since he doesn’t seem to know what to do in playgroups with other dogs. He’d really love someone to take him home forever and show him what it means to be a real dog! He’s a sweet, goofy, handsome, cuddlebug who deserves all of the love and belly rubs. Come by and see all 68 pounds of him.

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