Storm 50347

Storm- 50347

Date Available for Adoption: 12-17-2020

Date Adopted: 02-18-2021

I am a 2 year old, Female Pit Bull Terrier.

Adoption Story:

Hey my name is Storm! Can you guess why they named me that?! Let me tell ya a little bit about myself and see if you can figure out why.

I am a fun loving girl. Sometimes I come off a bit strong but once I get my energy out, I’ll be all snuggled up on your couch. I am a social butterfly. I love to meet new people and will quickly roll over for a belly rub. I really do pour on the charm! I love being outside and would do best with an active family, no couch potatoes for me. Rain or shine, I’m down to be outside to go hiking, jogging, or even run with you to grab the last PS5 from Walmart. I’m a quick learner and a loyal friend, that’s the pittie in me.

So far, I have made two friends at the shelter. I have a feeling I’ll be a play yard rockstar in no time. One of my besties is Bali. Bali and I love to walk together even though we get a tad bit distracted and want to play. We love to run and romp together in the play yard. I come off a bit strong at first when I meet new dogs but I’m learning that I need to be respectful when I first greet a dog. My other friend I met is a little lad named Ki. He barks kind of funny but I love to sniff and hug him.

I am working on my leash skills to be the best girl I can be. I get excited and sometimes bite at the leash, but I am easily corrected. I need a strong owner that will show me how to dog by giving me rules, boundaries, exercise, and mental stimulation. I’d love a doggie sibling but that’s not a requirement. I am not a fan of the felines for now but I’ll work at ignoring them even though they smell bad. As Fleetwood Mac sang, “Never have I been a blue calm sea, I have always been a storm.”



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