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Sunshine 61480

Date Available for Adoption: 08-08-2023

I am a 5 year old, Female, Pit Bull Mix.

Sunshine is exactly that ☀️
She has been delightful to work with since coming to HSWC with her cousin Moonbeam.
She is quiet and easy going. She keeps her kennel neat. She gets along well with her roommate, moonbeam, and walks by other dogs well. She is underweight and needs a few picnics in the park to put on some Lbs. Currently she is a light 41 Lbs . She looks to have lived outside previously but the staff and volunteers are working hard to get her back into beautiful shape.
Sunshine does not have many requirements for her new home. Love, soft blankets and maybe some puppy peanutbutter sandwiches. She likes to walk and play with her cousin Moonbeam but also does fine alone so she can get all the love and scooby snacks to herself. She is looking forward to meeting her new people and maybe going out for a car ride in the ☀️

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