Happy Tails

This is where we share information on the animals that have been adopted.
Won’t you consider adopting to give our animals their new forever home?



Subi’s new mom and dad fell in love at first sight when they came in to walk dogs one day. And he is living the life! His new family says “Subi is one spoiled dog! He loves tug of war, going on walks, and cuddling with a fuzzy blanket!” 😍

Bentley, aka Andre

Bentley, formerly Andre, is doing SO well in his new home. His family says he’s such a good boy and they are 100% in love!

Jo Frazier

Noah, formerly Brownie

Oakley, aka Havana

Thank you so much for giving me my best friend. Oakley is the most kind hearted dog I have ever had and can’t wait to see him grow throughout the years.


Teyana, formerly Gidgit

Nina & Sammie, aka Leah & Sparkles

Nina and Sammie, previously Leah and Sparkles, have settled RIGHT into their new home and they’re new family is absolutely smitten. We love nothing more than to hear your happy adoption stories. Thank you for giving these babies a home full of nothing but love!

Imani, aka Hannah

Leo, aka Bert


We are so happy to include Mitszu as a family member! He is very loving and snuggly!  He has adapted well and is already part of the family♡ My husband and I feel like our searching  for over 6 months for the right baby really paid off with our precious Mitszu♡

Thank you ,
John & Nancy

Louie (formerly Fez)

Just wanted to give you an update on Louie (formerly Fez). He is doing great and adjusting to his new life at home! He loves belly rubs, laying in laps, and giving kisses. He has even started playing with a few squeaky toys! He is walking very well on a leash, and has learned to “sit” “stay” and “come” very consistently. He is coming out of his shell more and more each day. He has learned to roll down the hill in the back yard only to run back up and roll again. He is the just the best puppy! I’ve attached some pictures for you. I appreciate you all allowing me to adopt Louie (Fez). He is a perfect fit for my family!

Hank Gibbs

Ana, AKA Esther

Hi guys!!

Just wanted to give everyone a little Esther update! Her new name is Ana and she loves the change! She is coming out of her shell quite a bit and is enjoying all the puppy snuggles she can get. We are so happy to have welcomed her into our home she is a perfect fit and we are pretty sure she feels the same way about us. Thank you for bringing this sweet girl into our lives.


Hi this is jennifer, my family and I wanted to give an update on Ms.Minxie.🐈 Since adopting Minxie she’s mostly been in hiding because its a new environment. The last couple days she’s made major progress. She has let my husband and i pick her up, pet her, brush her. We even got her princess collar on her. 👸 she loves neck scratches and butt pats. 🥰 Were prepared to take as much time as she needs to get fully comfortable here. She seems to like my daughter (6) but my son (2) makes her nervous which is understandable because he makes me nervous. 😂 I’ll be sure to send more updates as time goes on. Thank you all for blessing our family. ❤

Gus (Ryder)

Hello all!!
Hope all is going well and everyone is staying safe.
Ryder is now Gus.  He is such a sweet boy and our family just loves him.  He and our Daisy are best buds.
Enjoy the attached pics.

Thank you for all you do!
The Van Hekle Family


I adopted a shorthair cat last june, and your shelter was very kind and hardworking to help me through the process of adopting my cat. You guys gave me a lifelong friend that is definitely helping me through these weird times. You guys rock!

Miss Kitty

Mayweather & Chala

Hi Dawn! I just wanted to let you know how well Ziggy (Chala) and Zane (Mayweather) are doing. They are completely at home and love each other too. We are so so happy with them. 


Thank you sooo much. Precious the kitty is doing fine. Loving her new chair


Panda is as cute as ever! He learned sit, shake, and is learning down. He is a big cuddle bug.


Star, formerly Aurora, is loving adopted life. She loves to snuggle with the kids and beg for food! She is celebrating her third birthday very soon.

Buster, formerly Cash – Adopted 2/19/2020

Buster settled right into his new home! He’s especially fond of his new, human brother, and he’s equally fond of Buster! This pup’s in for a great life.

Bb – Adopted 2/12/2020

Bb (and her brother Cash) came to us as owner surrenders. Their owner couldn’t get rid of them fast enough, and these sweet puppies deserved so much better. Well, we’re happy to see that Bb is already living it up in the dream family she deserves. She’s in for an amazing life. Thank you for adopting and sharing these sweet photos with us! 

Kodak & Bentley

Kodak and Bentley (previously Butler) have been a blessing to our home and have moved right in and are spoiled rotten. These guys are a perfect match for us and for each other. They are well taken care of and get plenty of play time and walks. They love the Dog Park in Salisbury, They say they got it  ” MADE IN THE SHADE”. Thanks for you and your very caring staffs help in making their adoptions possible .

Junie B

We are SO in love with her and wanted to share!!!  Our kitten is getting more friendly with her daily and our dog already claims her as part of the family!  She follows us around and is a snuggler and loves attention! It’s like she has always been a part of our family!
Thank you for such a wonderful experience adopting!

Charlie (Chewie)

We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful adoption experience of Chewie, now Charlie. He is super sweet and gets along so well with Luke- our first pup. Attached are some pics of his first days at home! Please make sure Steve, the volunteer that helped us introduce Charlie and Luke, sees these too.

Barkley (Emma)


Just wanted to update and send pictures of Barkley (formerly known as Emma☺️). She has definitely lived up to her new name 😆. When she wants extra attention or is ready to play she lets us know with her sassy bark!
> Barkley is such a loving, smart girl. She has been doing really good on her potty training and she sits on command.
> Some of her favorite things are playtime (including jumping on the trampoline), squeaky toys, relaxing outside, her nightly walks and bedtime! That girl loves her comfy bed and bedtime. Since the day we brought her home she has slept in her bed all night without getting up and doesn’t whine or bark just gets her beauty rest in.
> She has definitely completed our family!
> Thank you all for all that you do and for introducing us to our newest family member🐶


Nala and her new BFF!

Just want to send a final update and a huge THANK YOU to all of your staff and volunteers. Nala has become such a huge part of our little family. She is such an amazing dog: gentle, smart, playful, and a real cuddle bug! Thanks to all for taking such good care of the animals in your care. You are a true blessing to the animals… as well as the families that end up being blessed by the animals that you save! 💕


Today makes it a month (and a day) since I’ve had this precious boy. His expression in his adoption picture posting says it all, the poor baby was scared out of his mind. When I said I wanted to walk him, people at the shelter were happy I said his name, but also seemed concerned. I was repeatedly seeing a look that said “Oh no… this might not go well.” Before I could even see Aniken, they warned me several times that he was unsocialized and that I would have to carry him outside because he was scared of (literally) everything. As expected, his fear had him pee on me the first time I held him. When I got him right outside the shelter doors, he wouldn’t budge. He wouldn’t walk. He wouldn’t make eye contact and sat there shaking like a leaf and whimpering. Sometimes he was even trying to go back inside. The sight of him in his kettle was heartbreaking – I couldn’t let him go back to cowering in the corner of his kettle and facing the wall. So instead of giving up, my roommate and I sat there for a good 15 minutes talking to him and spoiling him with Pupperoni that he was too afraid to eat, and after that amount of time Aniken was still whimpering and shaking. So I took a different approach – rather than speak ‘human’, I started to whimper back at him. His ears went up and though still scared you could see him thinking “What the heck is this lady doing?” and we actually got him to take a few steps! He started eating treats, and he started to take a few more steps, and eventually with the help of treats we managed to have him walk a small side of the side walk!
Now? As you can see he likes to walk, he likes to play, and he loves to cuddle. He loves people, kids, cats, and other dogs and his fear is replaced with curiosity and playfulness. It’s only been a month, and sure we’ve had rough moments (RIP to my curtains and carpet) but seeing the growth so far in Aniken makes it worth it. I’m so grateful to the Humane Society of Wicomico County for introducing me to this loving boy.
If you’re on the fence about adoption, I 1000% encourage you to do it. You’re not just adopting a pet, you’re helping the life of a new family member.


It’s been about a year since we visited you and adopted Lilly. 
I had to let you know she is doing wonderful.  Her personality is blossoming. She is so loving, fun, smart, goofy, fast, and a bit heavier than when we picked her up. Bathroom issues are almost totally gone. Even this winter she was great going outside. When both of us are out for a while we never worry about her. 
She loves to sit in our laps, rolls over so we can rub her tummy. When we stop she reaches for us and places our hands back on her tummy. It’s hilarious. 
I know a lot of people will only write when things are wrong, but I’m writing to let you know things are right, good. 
We love her very much 

Thanks again,



I just wanted to send pictures of Lucy and show you how great she is doing! She is adjusting well to her new forever home! We often go back to my parents house on Kent Island and she has a huge fenced in backyard to run in. Everything is going great and I am so glad that she is mine!


Moose (formerly Alan) is adjusting well. We are learning that the front door is for humans ONLY, and that the back door is for doggies. Moose learned his name in 2 hours. We are learning to “come” with a hand motion, “inside”, “outside”, and “eat”. The kennel isn’t so scary, but we still don’t like it too much. We’re learning that he is a creature of definite habit: he has 2 assigned bathroom places in the yard. We don’t quite know how to play yet, but we let everyone know that we’re feeling happy by jumping around like a cat. When we want attention, we bring mama a toy, even though we don’t know what it’s for. Eating is still a struggle with people in the room. Very very nervous. And we are learning how to ask for attention when we want it as opposed to running away when people want to give it. Snuggles aren’t scary anymore, and we are learning a new emotion called jealousy. The little dog called Toby gets in the way a lot. Using a dog bed is new. We tend to be stubborn about bed time. It’s still confusing about why Toby is the only one allowed in mamas bed, but halfway through the night we normally give it up and use the big doggy bed. We are VERY good about bathroom time. No messes in the house or the kennel. Training treats are a favorite, and the new food tasted a little funny at first, but it’s do-able now. We hit a new milestone every day. He’s is extremely smart, and a great fit for me and my little family. Thank you for all your help!


Just wanted to give everyone an update on how Ragnar (formerly Tamale) is doing. He settled in quite nicely, and his personality has really come out. He’s a playful little guy that also likes to snuggle when he’s tired. His favorite spot to nap is on the top of the couch on top of my home made blanket. His favorite toy (at the moment) is a red spring. He’s been getting spoiled! He has a big cat tree, two beds, a basket full of toys and gets groomed everyday (which he loves!) He sleeps with me at night right by my head and purrs all night long.


We just wanted to give you guys an update on Alex. He is thriving in his new environment! He is happy and loves his forever home. His fur is growing back, but he still loves to prance around in sweaters. He loves laying in his bed…he has one in every room! He even has a bed on the couch! Thanks for all you do for the pets in your care. We’re happy to have found Alex! ❤️


Salem, previously know as Einstein has been growing up so fast! He loves the lazer pointer and playing with toys. He has so much energy! He sleeps on my pillow above my head every night. He is now on blue buffalo as his food brand. He follows me everywhere I go. For some reasons, bathrooms are extremely interesting to him and I hear him playing in the bath tub a lot. He also loves to grab things. He will grab my phone out of my hands, grab and run off with food and grab your legs for attention. He is so cute! Other than that. His vet is in pocomoke and he is being taken care of. I love him to death!


Pirate, the tripod kitten, is loving life with his new tripod doggy brother!


Lucy (formerly Slippers) is loving adopted life! She loves going to the dog park, going for walks, and surprisingly she loves the vet! Thank you for helping me find such a great companion!



Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my adoption of Curry. Your staff and volunteers did a great job teaching him some basics and maintaining a good temperament. I have renamed him Mahi and he has adapted to the beach life well! Thanks again for helping him find a good home!

It’s Aprile and Glenn, we visited today and realized we should let you all know how well Squidward aka Rudy (his new name) is doing. Since we got him from you he has gained weight quick! You can hardly tell he was starved now, he went from 23lbs to 45lbs in less than 2 months! He has shockingly been so great about potty training and was already house broke when we brought him home. He has just completed puppy basics class at Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club and is a super smart pup! He’s now almost 8 months and we couldn’t be any happier. Rudy is very happy too, he gets a ton of exercise, dog park trips, and Glenn built him a super cool toy out on one of our trees in the yard. He is also the BEST snuggler and a major goofball! Just wanted to thank you all again for helping us find the perfect puppy for us. We love him and he’s fit right in perfectly!

Royce is doing great in his new home and is now up to 12 pounds!


Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I am sooooo happy at my new home! I even surprised my new mom by being housetrained already! Yes, its true! I love my new sister and am making myself at home just like I’ve lived here all of my short life. This couldn’t have been a better match. I am not as talky as I was when I was with you because I am learning from my big sister. My mom also thinks I am VERY smart. I feel like a king in this castle. Thanks for taking good care of me when I was with you.




Thank she has settled in pretty well so far. Man does she snore!!


Formerly Hailey, now Bella


Hi! It’s been a few months now since I adopted Hershey, but I wanted to provide an update on how he’s doing! He is the smartest, most stubborn dog I have ever met and he can escape from any enclosure he’s put in! We gave up trying to crate him and now he has free range of the whole house. He doesn’t like any dog toys, but he loves napping on the bed and long walks. He has never once had an accident in the house and he does great outside without a leash! He gets along so well with his brother, Emmitt, who we rescued from Wicomico Humane last year! 



Nala is settling in nicely with her two new partners!


Just wanted to give a quick update on Maggie, FKA Josie.  She is AMAZING!! We all love her so much, even my husband has taken to her.  She is so easy going, as you can see when we were playing dress up!  After the first three nights in a cage she decided that our bed was much better suited for her.  She demanded we let her out and she went up the steps just like Marley.  She has certainly made herself at home.  I just can’t tell you how much I am in love with her.  She has completed our family and we are so grateful that you allowed us to adopt her.

 We are still working on her skin condition but in a few months we hope she will be completely healed.  She has gained some weight which was easy because she LOVES canned food and turkey tendons!



Abby, formerly Tiger Lily, enjoying her new forever home with her big brother!


Mojo is doing great, however, we have changed his name to “Blue” for the blue brindle.  I was concerned that “Mo” and “no” may get confusing while trying to train him.  The pictures are of him with his first Frosty Paws, resting with his Dad, on the raft with me in the pool (just jumped on) and his cutie pose.  He spends some time in his kennel but more time out of it and potty training is going well. His doctor’s appointment was Monday, he has gained 7 pounds and got his booster shots.


We just wanted you to know all is going well and we are all very happy together.  Thank you for all of your help and advice with the adoption, you did a great job for us.  We will stay in touch.

Trapper and Bistro

We have renamed them Apollo and Athena, but they have become the best of friends just in one day. Athena looks for him and he looks for her when the other leaves the room. They love sleeping in Momma and Daddy’s bed. They have loved snuggling up to us and are actually very well behaved and great listeners. Just in a day!! But we are so thankful for your shelter and that we were able to help 2 beautiful souls.



Cosmo is now “RUSTY” and he seems to know his name!
He’s loving life; he eats like a little horse, plays, naps and then eats and plays some more!
He’s been sleeping with my wife and me every night and snuggles up right next to our shoulders and necks.. we love it! He purrs loudly, until he falls to sleep. Unfortunately, he’s awake and ready to start a new day between 3:30 and 6:00 AM… we’ve got to work on that!

He had his first Veterinary visit yesterday and got an A+ from the Vet.. he’s doing great and has already gained a pound since we took him home, 11 days ago…. but he sure didn’t like that last shot they had to give him.

Thank you, and to the rest of the staff, and to the volunteers for bringing this new, and already spoiled, fur baby into our lives.



We have had Swizzle , now Skittles over a year now. She has gotten BIG and very strong. I would have never believed a dog could be as strong as she is. She is a big affectionate kisser who doesn’t realize how big and strong she is. She is sweet and loves attention and affection.


Hi!! Just wantes to send a few pics ur way! JASPER is doing super in his new home. Love all of his brothers and sisters…fitting in Puuuuurfect!



I wanted to shoot you a quick update to let you know how this very shy girl is doing. After 1 week she has seen a vet, been on a car ride, visited PetSmart, and made a new friend. She is still nervous when anyone reaches down at her but she prefers to sleep in bed with us and will snuggle close and let you rub all over her head, belly, and feet. She loves her new sister Denali and is having a great time playing. She is still working on feeling safe when she is crated and going to the bathroom outside. Overall, I would say the 1-week report is fantastic!


we adopted sunshine on August 1st – we did rename to sunny

Sunny is a blessing – he is the best dog I could have ever gotten – absolutely no issues at all – I was ready for some house training etc – I don’t even need to buy a crate – he is house training already and has the best temperament

Thank you !

Blues & Marbles

Blues & Marbles (now Nico & Xander) are doing great in their new home! They still love to be next to each other!


Just wanted to share some photos of Maverick. He’s doing so well! Got a clean bill of health from the vet and they say he’s going to be a pretty big kitty. Maverick is such a sweet and smart boy. He’s learned to come when called, sit & lie down. He loves car rides and trips to the beach! We are working on taking him outside on his harness, he seems to be getting the hang of “going for a walk” pretty quickly! We are so thankful to have him as part of our family.



 she is very happy here, she is a very good dog.she loves being outside, i can take for walks around the yard with out the leash and she stays with me. I took to my dads to meet his dog and they got along great,she like my daughters dogs too.



Brittan’s (formerly Zoobie) first night was fantastic! Everything was perfect. She ate well, slept well and acts like she’s right at home.  She sits on command and we believe she’s house trained. We just love her!  She is named after a nurse at PRMC who took care of my mother in her final days last month.  The nurse was wonderful and just as sweet as our new baby, so we thought the name was fitting. Thanks so much to all at Wicomico Humane for their kindness and the hassle free adoption!


We loved Marley’s name but we changed it to Harley. We thought new beginning, new name & she responded to it very well! Maybe b/c it almost sounds the same! Harley’s blended with our family like she’s always been with us! Her & her sister Ryley  are bonding well too! She met Dr. Nolte last week & he gave her 2 thumbs up 👍👍 I attached a few photos. Please share them w/everyone & let them know how good she’s doing & how much we love her! 💞 Thank You ALL for taking such good care of her & loving her while she was with you!


Momma Nosy Pants

Momma Nosy Pants is now Mona Lisa and doing good! We love her!


Hi we wanted to update you on Fatima. She is doing great!! She’s slowly gaining weight and is doing well.. only downfall we have is she has severe separation anxiety.. And likes to chew and tear on stuff…. And feels most comfortable in her kennel when we leave….the first couple days she was on being left out. Then moved her to our laundry room.  That was a funny disaster…. And then we did kennel with tv on and that seemed better for her. We love her so much. And thankful we were allowed to adopt her!


The perfect adoption, first everyone is happy!  Just look at this ride home.  Then girls working hard to keep Chief quiet to allow stitches to heal.  However,  within 24 hours he proved out as a house trained, crate trained, perfect gentleman given full run of the house, evidenced by his sofa nap next to my open purse.  No interested in all the stuff laying about.  He is eating well, is housebroken. Has vet appt scheduled and we love him!  Thank you everyone for allowing us to adopt “Captain Smith.”


What a wonderful new family member he is!  Looks like he is smiling too.


We adopted Mango cat about 2 weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know how much we love him! Everyone who works at the vets office told me how much of a “cool cat” they thought he was. He’s now on a bit of a diet, is very nosy, loves to snuggle in bed, and he likes to lay on a “blanket nest” we make for him.


It’s been 5 weeks since we adopted Gracie and she has been a pure joy. She rides great in cars and as you see on a boat. We have socialized her with kids, dogs and outdoor concerts. She is very sweet and behaves very well. We started puppy training several weeks ago and she has done excellent.
Thank you again for working with us. I has been a win win situation for all of us.


Boone, formally known as “Steele,” was adopted from the Humane Society of Wicomico County in 2012. A few years later, Boone now lives in Michigan and is 6 1/2 years old! Our hearts and our home are so full. His brother, the pit bull, is his best friend. We couldn’t imagine our lives without Boone!


Just wanted to check in and let you know how our newly adopted kitty is doing. Callie, formerly Gloria, has settled into things here at the Robinson’s nicely.  She has filled a big void left by our 17 yr old cat, Kobe, passing away. She is sassy and sweet all in the same breath. While she was just over 5lbs when she came to us in May,  the scales are nearly tipping 9 as we speak. She likes to eat, mostly at her 5:40 am wake up meow/scream and def by 7 pm at night. She protects us from ants, flies, nearly anything that moves, including feet under the bed. We love her to death and I think she feels the same♥️


I just wanted to give you a nice update on the pig that I adopted from you guys. We named her June, and she is the happiest, sweetest, most spoiled pig ever! You’ll see her sleeping in the laundry room in one of the pictures below :-). She is doing so well with our other critters and she loves our big, fenced in backyard. Thank you all so much for allowing me to adopt her! We are in love with her and we are forever grateful for you all and for her original owner for having raised such an amazing pig!


I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know Penny is growing into quite a character. She’s 55 lbs and expected to get up to around 70 lbs. She isn’t the breed we were told at adoption time but, we love her anyway. She’s apparently a Pointer mix. She is a stubborn girl at walk time ( a puller) but, I just ordered a different kind of harness for her ( maybe fourth try will work) since the other three kinds have failed to do the job. She picked up most commands quickly. She does all the general commands including the army crawl, roll over, sit, stand, down and speak. She loves to stand up and “hug” us and she is so tall, she looks me full in the face. She is a good guard dog as well as a playmate for our whole family. She lets our grandsons love on her without hesitation ( ages three and one). Her coat is still changing. She’s getting more and more spots every month. It will be interesting to see how her coat turns out.


Hendrix has been renamed Jax & is doing very well in his new home.  So full of love for everyone. His older brother Dodger is so patient with him & has taught him to wrestle & play tug.


It’s been almost a week since we adopted sweet Lulu. She has adjusted as perfectly as could be expected. She has been using her crate when we leave and at bedtime without any real problems. She hasn’t found her appetite yet, but hopefully that’ll kick in soon (she is eating some treats and chicken). She loves all the toys and gets along very well with our two cats. They’re already sleeping next to each other! We’ve taken her to the dog park and a lot of very long walks. She’s friendly with everyone and everything and loves to play. She has been such a blessing to us and couldn’t have asked for a better match!



I recently adopted Toby. He is fitting in perfectly. He is a better listener then I could have imagined and is an absolute joy to be around. My son and I love him. This old guy is going to spend the rest of his days like a king. Thank y’all so much for introducing him to us.


I think it’s safe to say that Sophie is happy in her new home with her new fur sister!


Monster has turned one (May 28th)! He and Jax continue to be the best doggies!


Sephora has settled right in with no problem. She’s been so loving, curious, and well-behaved and we are head over heels in love with her. Thank you for all your help and everything you do; without you we would have never met such a beautiful little soul!



We adopted Noli in April 2017 and she is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet!  She loves her trips to the dog park, Tractor Supply and Home Depot; getting love at each stop! She has been a great addition to our family and can’t imagine life without her.


Henry has taken quite well to his new home with us!   We are thrilled!
He and Max are doing great too!  Max is still adjusting but overall he’s so excited to have a buddy to play with and snuggle with which we are grateful for. They love taking walks and naps together.  They also love listening to music – mostly nature sounds, acoustic, and spa music (we don’t spoil our fur babies though lol). The last picture is from this morning when I put on some acoustic music and they both just climbed into Henry’s crate and fell asleep- I was shocked haha!
I cannot thank you all enough for helping to make this happen!


Oliver (formerly Ringo) is settling right in! He and Bailey get along great, the only tricky part has been keeping him from playing too hard while he’s recovering. He took to crate training like he’s been doing it all his life. He’s a great dog and we love him already. Thanks for everything you all do and for helping us add Oliver to our family!


Takona is doing so well in her new home! She is loving life with her new little brother!


Daisy is enjoying life in her new home with her big brother!


Hi, I wanted to give you an update on Thor (formerly Indigo) and his story when I adopted in Dec 2017.

After looking around the humane society, I was getting ready to leave and saw a couple of crates in the corner of the lobby. When I took “Indigo” out, he started climbing all over me and tried to lick my face. Needless to say, I was filling out the adoption papers within minutes. Thor’s become a very curious brave cat and doesn’t shy away from other pets or people. It took his brother Tucker, a King Charles Cavalier, a couple of weeks to adjust  – but they are now playmates and nap buddies. Like most cats, Thor enjoys his cat tower, knocking things off tables, and watching birds from the windowsill.  I’m very thankful I spotted those crates tucked into the corner of the shelter – Thor makes me smile every day!
I attached a couple of pictures so you can see what a sweet boy Thor has grown into. Thank you!


Limerick is the the kindest most gentle soul we could have ever asked for. He has picked up quickly on the rules. He enjoys cuddling and going to the park. He absolutely adores all of his new human and dog friends. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. He brings joy everywhere he goes.



Brody has been adjusting so well to his new forever home! He has had a great first week and is full of energy and love! Thank you for taking such great care of him all the times he was rescued which gave us the opportunity to bring Brody into our home and Thank you for all you do every day for the animals of our community!


I recently adopted Molly a few weeks ago. I just wanted to update you and let you know she has fit in perfectly in our home. She was a little shy at first but has made herself at home. We had a bed in the living room for our puggle Frankie that she would never use, but molly has pretty much claimed it and and lays in it whenever we are out there; she looks so comfortable in it.
We did get a crate for her for the first night. We placed the bed in it, she walked in it, checked it out, looked nice, basically saying thanks. But she ended up sleeping in my bed. I guess you could say we gave her a choice, but if we enforced the crate, she would have been happy in it; plenty of space. We also thought about her past home and figured sleeping in the bed with us may just feel so nice to her; we do the same for Frankie. We kept the crate for a week, for when we leave the house, but also found that she was a perfect angel when we would come back (not in the crate). She cries a little bit when we leave but realizes Frankie is there so she is not totally alone. When we come home, she is usually running from the bed in the living room, where she took a nap, to greet us at the door. So we returned the crate.
We are still working on her telling us when she needs to go out, but we usually take them both out regularly throughout the day. If she goes in the house, it is usually our fault for not paying attention to when they last went out. Frankie still has accidents too so we are not worried; we have a carpet cleaner.
We took them to the dog park a couple times and Molly just loves other dogs! So much, in fact, that she has to greet them at the door every time a new dog is coming in, “Hi I’m Molly, welcome to the dog park. Come play with me! 


Thank you so much for allowing Molly to come home with us. She has been an absolute angel and we absolutely LOVE her and do our very best to shower her with the affection she so deserves!



Just wanted to let you know that little girl has been a great addition to our family. She is taking cues from our older girl dog, Shelby, and they both are becoming more comfortable with each other every day. Have not had any issues with them getting along from the first time she came home.  That’s been cool to watching them warm up to each other.

When our kids are around they get her playing like a puppy. She’s fast, lovable and so much a Terrier when she plays with her toys. I think she chewed the face off one and gutted the other to get to the squeaky part. Really cool watching her come out of her shell and becoming more comfortable here.

We are working through the potty issues and she is “mostly” going outside in our fenced in yard. As expected there are accidents but I feel confidant we’ll get past that soon.

She was so good coming home last week. Took us about 4 hours to get back and she was fantastic. Not a peep, whimper or potty needed. Just rode in my wife’s lap, and eventually feel asleep.

Took her to the vet today for her checkup and all is well. Vet loved her too. They are great folks!

One thing that surprised us was her reaction to the vacuum cleaner. She attacked it. Was hilarious to watch, but not a concern.

Thanks so much for letting us adopt her, we both feel she is in her forever home now. Just sad it took us so long to find each other, if you know what I mean.



Ghost (formerly Dax) is approaching his one year anniversary with his pack.  He is loved beyond measure!  He runs at the park daily and has three human brothers.  He is such a comfort to our family.  We wanted to share our happy tail!!!


We adopted Cooper on Saturday and here are a couple shots of cooper in his new home.  He loves to play ball but does not like our hardwood floors. He is also with his new buddy Laszlo a 12 year old Vizsla.


I thought that you guys would like to see some pictures of how Moose is doing! He is enjoying life!


What a wonderful little dog. This is the second great dog we have adopted from you. Thanks to everyone for what you do for these fur babies .


We just hit the 3 week mark with Shiba on Saturday and we wanted to let you all know she is doing amazing!!!!  Thank you again for a wonderful adoption experience!


I adopted Fandango, now known as Lily, on July 5, 2017.  Today is Lily’s first birthday!  Lily is everything an owner would want….she is loving, has been trained to follow commands, social, and fun!  Lily is enthusiastic about meeting new people and other dogs!  She loves to  snuggle and, yes, she sleeps in my bed with me at night!  She had a blast during the snowstorm, leaping and hopping, like a deer.  Lily continues to capture my heart and I love her to the moon and back!


Boog & Max

We adopted Boog (aka Larry) in July 2015 and Max (white one, formerly Bruiser) in August 2016. They are best buds and spoiled rotten! 



Adopted in September 2017


We adopted her about a month ago now, and she’s settling in nicely. She loves to snuggle with us and give us those hugs you always told us about! We’re still working on a few commands, but she’s getting very good at listening. We are so happy to have her in our lives!



Hawkeye loves blankets and day time naps!


Lucy, formerly known as Jane, is doing great in her new home!


Casey is making amazing progress. She loves the other dogs in the neighborhood and we’ve been working hard on the basic commands – she’s a super fast learner (as long as treats are involved)!

Sweet Pea

Luna (formerly known as Sweet Pea, smaller white dog) is learning from her big sister how to finally enjoy the life of an inside dog. They even enjoy cuddling on their new cozy blanket together!


I’m loving my new home! Thank you all for helping me find my forever home!


Riley was adopted in December 2016. She is an awesome dog and she has brightened our days!


We adopted Belle (formerly known as Hashtag) a few weeks ago. She has gone from being scared of everyone, especially men, to being the friendliest dog I have ever seen. She sleeps up in our bed with us and is just so sweet. I know you guys mentioned she came in as a stray, but she’s perfectly housetrained and already knows how to sit and stay. She’s the perfect addition to our family. She has some separation anxiety, but now has a pet sitter to help with that! Thank you guys for bringing Belle into our life!




Atticus (Formerly known as Rinaldi) is enjoying life with his other Humane Society alum, Hailey (2015). He loves playing in the snow, visits from grandma, and he’s adamant that he’s going to make friends with the 2 cats. But he dislikes car rides, blow dryers and electric razors.


Addie is enjoying her new spoiled life and her cozy bed!


Hello. Just wanted to send a couple of picks of Gidget. My husband and I adopted her a few months ago and she has brought so much love and happiness. Thank you so much for her!


Had to share this picture of Gus today, adopted june 2016.  He is lucky he is cute!  The second picture is Gus and his big sister Tia.  We couldn’t have picked a better brother for her!


We would like to inform you that Diesel (formally Ernie) is adjusting to our home quite nicely!  He thinks he’s a lap dog!


Dory (Doori) seems to be very happy in her new life.  She liked the “Yule Dog” channel and really enjoys the warm fire


I wanted to share Huck’s Christmas picture. We love him very much. His older brother Max and him love each other but Huck does drive Max crazy at times. Merry Christmas and thanks for allowing us to make Huck a part of our family.



Tahlia and her big brother Clarke!


This is Gabby who we adopted in September 2017 and renamed Parsley. She is loving her new home!



We are so happy with our new member of the family Macy is just what we were looking for in a forever friend she’s friendly smart and obedient love love love this pup!


Hey guys I thought you might like to know how Will has adjusted. He has made himself right at home! My kids and I have renamed him to Hedwig ( the owl off Harry Potter.). He loves to play with all the toys we got him, especially in the middle of the night. My dog and him are starting to finally get used to each other. My dog just was a little jealous at first. My kids absolutely love him and honestly he is very good with them, even my youngest who just loves to hold him. He has truly completed our little family and we are so happy he came home with us!!


Hi everyone. You might remember me as Kate but my mom has renamed me Baileigh. I am so thankful with my time I spent with you. I just want to let you know I am doing just fine. I have a very large house to run around in. I have windows to look out of and there are so many colorful lights to look at. I am happy. I am well. I also like to rein over a tiny Christmas Village. Sometimes I pretend I am a snowstorm and knock all of the villagers and trees down…Thank you for all you do…Thank you for my life.. 



Hello wonderful staff of the wicomico animal shelter!  I adopted a 6 month old puppy at your shelter originally named Sada (we decided to keep her name but change the spelling to ‘Sata’ like the sata cable in computers), you might remember her best by having no ears. Sata is 9 months old now and is the most loving, silly, energetic pup we’ve ever had. She’s been a complete joy to have and watch grow up from a scruffy rough and tumble mismanered pup to a well behaved, bouncy and snuggly girl. I attached a few of my favorite pictures for you to see how much she’s grown. Thank you for giving us this wonderful gift of life.



We named her Mandi and she is the most amazing dog we’ve ever had!! She’s so incredibly smart and extremely in tune if someone is sad or hurt. She loves everyone she meets. She even loves our resident cats. I continually praise your organization and urge people to adopt. I see pitbulls for sale for 500.00 and can’t understand it. So many need homes! Thank you for all you do!



We absolutely love our purrfect cat. He has adapted so well in his new home, I can’t believe this loving kitten was ever in the shelter. He is full of head bumps, he is our alarm clock, extremely playful, and of course very vocal with us. We are so thankful to have added tigger to our family. Thank you Wicomico Humane Society for blessing us with Tigger.



This is Joe who we adopted 2 years ago when he was Bonz.  He loved his Beginner Obedience class so much he went back and got his Canine Good Citizenship certificate.  He loves hanging out and walks in the woods.  There is still a lot of puppy in this 85 pound guy.



Our whole family just adores our Layla (formerly Mariana); she has been such a joy and comfort as we’ve sadly lost two elderly dogs over the course of this year.  As the pictures show, she’s settled in here pretty well.  We could not be happier with our newest family member.


Renna, aka Momma, 2 year old pitbull boxer mix. I adopted her August 4th 2016 and since then she’s been spoiled rotten! After adoption she had cancer and fought it like a champ!! Now a big sister to 2 labs and a guniea pig she loves to sleep and swim!!


Hi.  This is a long time coming.  We adopted Buddy eight years ago from you. When he was with you,  he was called Crunch. However, my son who was eight at the time, now 16, renamed him buddy.  He has been an awesome dog.  He has his boy…. Buddy rides shotgun now.  Also, Buddy has two brothers Peanut and Elvis (cat).  Both of them were rescues.  Loves to go on rides and trips with us.


Hi!  My name is Gunnar.  I used to be named Tango.  This is my first Thanksgiving at my home.  My mommie let me help.  It was a lot of fun.  I have been at my forever home for about eight months and I am very happy.  I play ” fetch” everyday and love going for rides.  I am still learning good manners and I get a lot of love and treats when I do good- which is most of the time!!!  Thank- you for my forever home


Mischief is loving the adopted life!


Just writing with a ‘happy tails’ update on Hank (formerly Banjo) who was adopted in January of 2016.

Hank has been the perfect addition to our family. He is an excellent snuggler, so unbelievably sweet, and a very laid-back and goofy dude. We couldn’t love him more. Thank you for everything!


Lucy (Juniper) has been adjusting great!! The vet says her spay incision healed beautifully despite the two of them rough-housing at all hours of the day and night. I think we’ve finally graduated to house-broken again, and we’ve also nicknamed her “Miss Piggy” because we’ve found she LOVES food! (She eats all of hers, then tries to get all of Dixon’s) She also loves toys and will take ALL of them out of the “toy box” one by one just to see them all. Lol.

They’ve also learned the art of playing nicely. The nipping has settled and while they still rough house, we aren’t feeling the need to intervene quite as often which is great. They love running around the back yard and bouncing around every afternoon. She listens very well and just needs some fine-tuning training. We really could not be happier with her, and can’t thank you enough for helping to give this little girl another chance at happiness!


Talitha, aka Tali, is doing great! She is super smart, playful, and a spoiled cuddle-bug. She has learned a lot and (almost always) behaves like the best little girl. We love her; thank you!



As I sit here watching this sweet girl nap, I was thinking about how grateful and want to share pics!    This is Toffee, we renamed her Gemma!    She’s doing..GREAT?

Roxy & Sasha

Love these girls so glad I adopted both.


My husband and I adopted a dog back in February, Mr. Crowley! We have renamed him Shadow. I just wanted to let you know that he is doing great!

Penny Lane

Penny absolutely loves her new sister, Sadie, and she is learning many things from her. Sadie seems happy that she is here also. Penny is going to doggy daycare once a week and gets to play with other dogs besides Sadie. She loves all dogs! Penny is doing better with people and strange noises. When she is in the house, she is almost a normal puppy. A huge change from her first week!

Thank you all so much!


One week in and Gus is doing well and has made himself at home.  He also gets along well with Lucy, the other kitty. I made a good choice.


We adopted Smidge 4 years ago as a little kitten. He came with the bunny in the photo from you guys, he still plays with it to this day. He has changed a lot in his 4 years, he went from a kitten who loved to bite to a cat that loves to be rubbed and cuddled.

Jax & Monster

Jax and Monster have exceeded my expectations! They love playing with each other and I am happy we made the decision to keep them together! Monster loves following his dad around and trying to do what Jax does, it’s adorable! Jax loves to play fetch and will put the ball back into your hand to throw again which amazed me!



I have some pictures to send you of Emmitt (previously Boreas)! He sleeps all night in the bed with no accidents and he loves carrying around tennis balls in his mouth. He really loves car rides and going to the park. He also loves to jump, which we’re definitely working on! He’s a happy little dog and loves belly rubs and playing in water. Thanks for helping us give him a home!


Though we haven’t been able to get her on the boat yet (for a variety of reasons) I thought I would share some of our adventures. She seems to be comfortable at home and she did GREAT at EVO for their ‘Yappy Hour.’ She is even getting used to the bird (a bit).
Thanks so much!


Of course he’s spoiled rotten loves to sleep on the couch in the bed…. loves car rides and is starting to learn about personal space but that’s a work in progress.


Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I have found my forever home. My new mom and dad are trying really hard to make sure that I have everything that I need. They play with me a lot. And I have lots of cool toys to keep me busy.

Last night I got to spend the night upstairs. Totally awesome!!!

I went to the vet on Tuesday and she thinks I am one cool cat. She was really nice to me and let me explore all around. I guess I am a pretty healthy little boy!  Also, I heard my mom talking to her about all kinds of fun stuff, like clicker and leash training. All I know is there is really good food involved so I will try hard to do a good job.

Well that’s about it. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and also say Thank You! for everything that you do to help cats and dogs like me to have a chance at finding a forever home. Oh I almost forgot. My forever name is Max. Isn’t that awesome!!!! I am even learning to come to my mom when she calls me.

Ok so I am a really cool dude!!!!

Thanks again, love to all Max.


She is doing wonderful and has adapted to apartment living very well. We love her very much. She is completely spoiled in every way, shape and form. She goes everywhere with us. She is super playful and intelligent. She learned sit in about a week and lay in one day! She has really been a great addition to our family.


Winslow had a bit of busy weekend. He started off by riding “shotgun” all the way home. He met a lot of new, friendly people. Needless to say a lot of belly rubbings, hugs and loving’s were received. He hung out with us, went for some walks and laid in the grass for some rest. He went for a dip in the pond with his new pack and laid in the kiddie pool a couple of times. We played fetch the ball whenever he wanted to. When the end of the day came he stretched out and slept in comfort (1st picture). I think he’s happy with his new home (second picture).


Gunner (below) has been such a joy for our family! Our other dog astra (above) loves him and he definitely keeps her going when they are constantly playing. He loves giving kisses! He is the alarm clock and loves waking us up with kisses in the morning! My parents aka grandparents come over every day to spoil their grandpuppies with walks around the blocks. He is constantly on the go and still learning right from wrong. We love him so much and are so happy we adopted him!


Enjoying the fresh air on her way home.


Harper is doing great. Loves to run and play in the yard. Plays so well with the kids. He’s a chewer. He chews everything he can but he is so loving.


Jasmine is very happy and loves to play with Ramona!


Cam is doing so good and we are loving every second we spend with her. Her and JJ have also made progress. Thank you for making our family complete!


Watson (Pixel) is adjusting very well to his new home. He loves spending time with his people, and his people love spending time with him! He loves to play, but he also likes his snuggle time. Sitting by the window, watching the birds, is one of his favorite past times. 

He is one curious little kitten, and investigates everything! I guess his new name fits him purrfectly.


We are so glad to have Derby! He is a very sweet boy and, as you said, a wonderful greeter when you come in the door. And, I think he likes it here, too!


We absolutely love her!


We wanted to thank you for taking care of our baby before we adopted her! She was an awesome representative for the Humane Society at the National Night Out at the city park tonight! So many people commented on how well behaved she was and especially for just having turned one yesterday! She is such a sweet and loving and silly girl with lots of energy! Thank you so much!! ❤️Bella


Lily’s adjustment to her new home is going extremely well!  Her temperament is amazing…she is very mellow!  I have yet to hear her bark…even when the doorbell rings!  She definitely enjoys romping, running, and playing in the fenced backyard!   She sleeps in her crate at night or when I go out for a few hours.  The rest of the day, she has the run of the house.  She goes to the back door when she wants/needs to go out.

Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt Lily!  She is a loving, playful, puppy and a wonderful addition to my life!


Ledger is growing like a weed, he wakes me up around 6:30 for our morning run and has had ZERO accidents in the house. He always lets us know when he is ready to go! He loves to imitate the frogs on our walks after it rains, his little hops for hilarious! He has great soccer skills and will kick any ball around with his front paws, his moves are pretty smooth! He is a little clumsy with stairs and tripping over stuff but he is getting more self aware as he grows. His favorite treat is Prairie Dog salmon treats and has destroyed approximately 25 stuffed toys and one unplugged lamp. Needless to say he now has Kong toys.


While Miss Ginger is still a picky eater, she LOVES cream cheese! I hide her pill in it and she wolfs a ball of it down without suspecting a thing. Sitting at the top of the driveway to watch the world go by is her favorite past time. We walk several times a day and she always brings
me back to her favorite spot. She’s well behaved in the car, sleeps through the night and has had no accidents. She has very good manners, so perhaps someone taught her sit/stay or heel, in her former life?
We’re so happy she’s relaxing and fitting in. Ginger is a precious girl and very affectionate (cuddler!). She also has a playful, funny side.

Thank you, again, for bringing us together. We love her so much!


Dear All the Wonderful Staff:

We wanted to take time to thank you for saving our precious Booker (aka Oakley). He is an amazing addition to our family. He is doing very well, already housebroken and has only destroyed his plush $98 dog bed, lol, but that was our fault. We now have plenty of toys and pillows for him to play with. Since his adoption, we have done lots of things together. We sent some pictures of our sweet boy. This is one of the best decisions we’ve made and we can’t thank you enough for the perfect match. Thank you from all of us!


Just a quick note to let you know “Gunnar” aka. “Tango” has adjusted beautifully to his forever home. He is already housebroken and navigates the doggie doors without a second thought. Loves “his” porch and hates pillows on the sofa. We know he and his brother “Cash” were dropped off at your doors. I am thankful that their previous owners did that and did not just discard them. AND we, Gunnar’s parents, are thankful that you loved him til we could bring him home. Thank-you for all that you do!


We definitely have a happy boy, he makes us smile and laugh all day long! He’s such a sweet boy, we’re so glad and blessed to have him.