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Salisbury City Animal Control: 410-548-3165

Bruno 63769

Date Available for Adoption: 02-26-2024

I am a 4 year old, Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Bruno is heartbroken. He suddenly lost his owner in an unexpected accident. He was a loved house dog one day and trying to figure out what happened the next. So many people don’t prepare for this moment because it seems so far away. For Bruno he knows he was loved and will be loved again in a home soon enough. For now, he is going to get lots of love and attention from the volunteers and staff here at the shelter. He is a bit unsure of his surrounding and needs a bit of time to adjust as he is getting used to a new routine. We hope once he is back into a home, he will settle back into trusting his surroundings and the people in it and get back to his old self.

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