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Daffodil 64288

Date Available for Adoption: 05-08-2024

Date Adopted: 06-07-24

I am a 5 month old, Female, Spaniel Mix.

Daffodil came to us in pretty rough shape. She lacked proper care and her fur was barely there. She broke all of our hearts. But this girl has a great spirit has made an impressive turnaround. She has been living her best life in a foster home.
Please enjoy these comments from her foster Mom:

🐶She loves to play with everyone, has been to several large group functions and gone off with other kids and adults on a leash and plays with everyone or sits on their laps.

🐶She kennels all night from 9 pm to 7 am, no crying, no accidents.

🐶She walks on a leash, but sometimes grabs the leash and plays.

🐶She tends to bond to one person and that is the person she stays likes to stay with.

🐶She is let out to go to the bathroom, with the other dogs and she comes back in.

✅She has no problem with big dogs or little dogs, but still hasn’t learned about cues to back off when they don’t want puppy time or they are eating.

✅She has been around dogs, pigs, horses and a donkey.

✅She is great with kids, lots of kisses.

🐾🐾She is a jumper, so that still needs to be worked on. She is getting better everyday but will still puppy jump on kids in play mode.

🐾🐾She will bark at scary noises, strangers, etc.
She has a tendency to bark when “guarding” her person.

🐾🐾Potty training is ongoing and she does well if she has outdoor access frequently.

🐾🐾She gets very upset when disciplined, runs, hides, occasionally back talks (barks)

♥️She likes to spend the day with grandma on the couch all day getting loves.

♥️She wants to be a lap dog.

🐕‍🦺Daffodil will bring the leash when she is ready to go for a walkie. She loves to go out in her yard to run and come back. She is still all puppy and will need more training.

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