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Duke 64552

Date Available for Adoption: 05-19-2024

Date Adopted: 06-04-24

I am a 3 year old, Neutered Male, Boxer Mix.

They call me Duke. I just got here. I was running with my pal when we got picked up. Nice folks here. I am still not quite sure of things. I got a girlfriend here; they call her Ivy. She is beautiful. She likes to splash around in puddles. That is not my scene. I let her have the puddles. I am a stand back guy. I am full grown but compact 32 pounds they tell me. (I feel like I’m more like 40! 30 just seems so small)
I’m all muscle. I am a handsome honey brown. I will take a minute to warm up to new things. I can handle other dogs and cats, but I may need to check out their personality first. I might not like those pushy pups. And I probably won’t like bully cats that hiss. We will have to see. I’m all about those nice calm cats.
I need to let people know I am not fond of those kennels and all the yappers on either side of me. I like the open road better. Come and check me out. We can have a mild adventure. Nothing too crazy. I might even do better with a buddy. I feel stronger with a pal either human or a calm doggy friend with me.
Not sure about kids yet. It’s all pretty new to me here. We will have to see about that too. I like things calm and easy.
That’s about it for now. You have my number- ask for Duke.

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