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Fozzy 63588

Date Available for Adoption: 02-05-2024

Date Adopted: 02-27-24

I am a 10 year old, Neutered Male, Miniature Schnauzer Mix.

Meet Fozzy!!
Our darling little teddy bear! He was abandoned on a busy street corner with almost a pound of matted fur covering his body and one eye. He got a much needed haircut and has been enjoying all of the R&R and TLC he has been receiving the HSWC bed and breakfast. He joins the cast of our Golden Girls as one of our loving seniors needing a soft sofa to chillax on. Just like GG Miles, he has spunk and a sweet personality, no naughty behaviors. He is a perfect 5 pound gentleman…. That’s right…. Only 5 pounds of goodness folks. No calories in this sweet treat. If you are feeling down, one look at his adorable airplane ears, flapping slightly as he trots proudly down the sidewalk will put a smile on your face and a warm fozzy feeling in your heart. You can’t be sad around this guy!

Sweet, quiet, doesn’t tell annoying or obnoxious jokes, will gaze lovingly into your eyes.
✔️ Wants to sit in your lap and likes snuggling in his cozy bed.

Well Mannered:
No biting,
No snapping,
No Growling,
No lunging or anything naughty. ✔️ Nothing but NICE.

Will need some help housetraining: Needs to go out every 4 hours. He knows to go and do his potty outside. He just can’t seem to reach the door knob to let himself out.

No separation anxiety.
✔️Crate trained. No whining, barking or trying to break out.

✔️Walks easy:
He goes where you go.

Tolerates ✂️
Grooming very well, doesn’t squirm or resist, just goes with the follow…. including getting his really really extra long nails trimmed.

We want his remaining Years to be filled with people who will spoil him: Get him groomed when he needs it, give lots of snuggles, cuddles and kisses and fluff up his pillows. He is a wonderful soulmate just waiting for a new best buddy to share the sofa with.🐾🐾♥️

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