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Garfield 63564

Date Available for Adoption: 02-05-2024

Date Adopted: 04-20-24

I am a 4 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

🧡 Who wants a big orange lap cat? 🧡
Uh dog …that is. Ok, he’s not really orange or a cat, but he IS a big loving goof ball that would love to lay in your lap and have you feed him snacks all day.
🧡 Meet Garfield! 🧡
This handsome boy landed here at HSWC and has been camping out in the first kennel on the main isle where he has a great view of all the dogs walking by. He has the most adorable sad face and really tugs at your heart when he presses his big Chonky face into his kennel door. He doesn’t make a peep as all the dogs walk by all day.

Here’s what we know so far about Mr. Garfield:
🐾 Found as a Stray, no owner came for him.
🐾 Well-mannered and loving. Good easy-going personality.
🐾 Housetrained, when we can get him out in time.
🐾 Strong walker. Does well on training collar.
🐾 Welcoming in his kennel. Does not guard food or toys. Likes to have company.
🐾 Very Trainable. Knows “sit”.
🐾 Very popular. All the volunteers adore 🧡 him.
🐾 Not dog reactive. Walks easily by them with his cute little Garfield strut. Walks by cats ok too. Seems casually interested.
🐾 65 lbs, neutered and ready to go. He had minor entropion surgery on his eye lids to uncurl his lashes from poking in his eye. He is healing well, no further procedure should be necessary.

🧡 Hobbies include:
🧡 lounging around like a cat after his medium energy walk.
🧡 Making kissy faces at the kennel door at Cookie across the isle.
🧡 He flirts will all the ladies walking by.
🧡 Not sure if he likes catnip or lasagna like the other Garfield does but he has a healthy appetite and enjoys his treats.
Come by and take him out for a walk or car ride. He loves being with people and he is currently holding auditions for the next best friend that can work the can opener and scoop the kibble. He will melt your heart. 🧡

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