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Glizzy – 60633

Date Available for Adoption: 08-25-2023

I am a 1 year old, Female, Domestic Short Hair.

Glizzy is currently in a foster home while she looks for her forever home, but her foster mom wrote this nice bio for her:

Meet Glizzy! This beauty has been a wonderful Mom to her 4 kittens and now deserves a forever home of her own!

Glizzy, as a Mama cat, was barely out of kittenhood herself when she gave birth to 4 babies. She dutifully cared for her 4 kittens to include close tending to the runt of the litter who needed about 2 weeks extra support from her and me, her human foster due to a persistent respiratory infection. During this touch and go time with the sickly kitten, I never saw Glizzy far from this needy babe to include sitting atop the nebulizer tote when her sick kitten was receiving breathing treatments.

But now, everyone is well, and it is time for Glizzy to be adopted by someone who will love on her! Overall, she is quiet; but can easily find her voice at mealtimes or when she wants some affection. Glizzy is not a lap cat; but loves to get affection from humans as she desires throughout the day. She has wonderful house manners. Glizzy loves to sit on the cat tower to look out the window. She gets along well with the clowder of cats currently in my home to include my 2 adult cats and multiple kittens that she did not give birth to. Glizzy is not even rattled by my 3 boisterous dogs. She is fully vaccinated and spayed. If I didn’t have a full house of fosters; I would consider adopting her myself!

So do me a favor right now – either volunteer to foster and I will adopt Glizzy OR adopt this wonderful cat so I can keep fostering!! Trust me – you won’t regret adding this loving cat into your family!!

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