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Goofy- 54727

Date Available for Adoption: 08-24-2023

I am a 2 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Date in Shelter: 8/24/23

This boy wears his name well- Goofy is 100% silly, bouncy and playful.  He is a super sweet boy who loves going out on adventures with volunteers, has been wonderful at events, and is a great car rider. Everyone that meets him loves him and he equally loves them!

Goofy is sad to be back in our shelter after getting adopted 1.5 years ago though. He is hearing impaired (mostly deaf) and was reported to be “too much” for his former owner. However, they did not try any training which would have greatly helped, and which we highly recommend to his future family. Goofy definitely needs some structure and rules to teach him how to be his very best, but he is such a sweet and loving pup who just wants to get back into a home as soon as he can.

Although he can be a bit “mouthy” at times, he is displaying untrained puppy like behaviors and it is not in an aggressive way. Deaf dogs also tend to want to use their mouth on things, but that is where training will be needed for him. He is reported to be great with dogs and children, although he can sometimes play a little rough and would need dogs and humans alike to be ok with that energy level. He has not been around cats, but we will test him around our barn cats soon.

Although Goofy is loving all of the attention he’s already receiving while he’s returned, he’s just confused about why he’s back to sleeping in a kennel instead of a comfy home. He thought he had found his forever home, but he’s really hoping for his third (and final) chance at life. Can you come get him back into a loving family and spoil him like the king that he is? He currently weighs 62 lbs.

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