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Padfoot 61899

Date Available for Adoption: 01-05-2024

Date Adopted: 02-10-24

I am a 2 year old, Neutered Male, Shepard Mix.

Here we have one of our very impressive residents. His pictures really do not capture his majestic presence. One must experience PADFOOT up close to really appreciate how gorgeous he is. Weighing in at 88.8 pounds, he is a large fella with a large personality to match. He can be fun on his walks, but he is also very opinionated. He likes what he likes, he will need an owner to be dog savvy and give him the necessary boundaries and training. Going slowly with ALL introductions and letting new people know he is weary of things going over his head. Calm, steady and even guidance on walks is what he prefers. Also, his forever family will need to be prepared to live life large. Large dog beds…LARGE cookies…EXTRA LARGE Halloween costumes for sure. You won’t be able to hide with this guy. He will turn heads and you will be in the spotlight wherever you go. He’s like his own parade.
He is protective of his friends and loved ones and stays loyal to them even in the face of danger. Although, we have not seen him in danger here, we know he is loyal.
He is known to roam the countryside at the HSWC, his soft footfalls or ‘pad foot’ announces his presence. He is currently in foster so you will need to schedule a meeting. He has done great with small and large dogs alike while with his foster/trainer. He is also crate trained and knows basic commands. We invite you to behold his greatness… PADFOOT the magnificent🐾🐾🐾🐾

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