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Quinoa 62928

Date Available for Adoption: 01-05-2024

Date Rescued: 01-10-24

I am a 1 year old, Male, DSH.

This is another one of our heart-breaking stories. Quinoa was found in a crate, in a field, right before thanksgiving on a cold day.
We need to get him an amazing home to show him there are good humans out there. Tell your friends, share his pic. This guy needs a happy ending. He is a handsome gray tiger ready to jump at the chance to live a good life. He is just a teenager and promises to not stray ever again but will welcome a cozy life on the inside. He will tell jokes, learn to juggle or do whatever necessary to entertain you. He pokes his nose in the air and asks you if you like snacks, he’s willing to share and be friends.
He’s one of our Q cats: A Qutie, Quirky, Quiet fella.
Please come out and show him some love and maybe invite him to your home. He deserves the best we can give him.

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