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Roscoe 62630

Date Available for Adoption: 10-27-2023

Date Adopted: 12-02-23

I am a 6 year old, Neutered Male, German Shepard Mix.

Roscoe is everyone’s new best friend her at HSWC.
Here is some Background info:
Roscoe has lived for 6 years with his previous owner.
He was an inside dog until the last move when they were not allowed to have him inside.
He was then kept outside.
He is house trained according to previous owner. Also good with kids and does not destroy items in the home. Seems to know commands like sit, lay down, and paw.

Since arriving here at HSWC we have observed Roscoe to be a bit excited when coming out of his kennel but seems to settle down nicely for his walks.

He walks easily with our volunteers.

He is a beautiful shepherd and seems polite.

He might need some work going on burger runs to have him warm up to the car.
(He tells us he a home body, and he has no need to be driving all over town.)

He enjoys walks and training.

He has a very sweet personality and is very gentle.

He seems not to be bothered by other dogs, even when they join him unexpectedly in the play yards.
He is a tall drink of water and weighs 82 lbs, but you would never know it.

Not good with cats

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