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Homer 62282

Date Available for Adoption: 10-27-2023

Date Adopted: 02-27-24

I am a 2 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Date in Shelter: 9/19/23

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Homer has won all of our hearts here at HSWC. He is a mild mannered fella. He is charming and loving. He has a very docile personality. He rolls with whatever comes his way.
He can be found leisurely resting on his bed as the other dogs go barking by.

📞Good Manners!
He is such a polite fella he often hangs out as the office dog ready to lend a helping paw: filing, answering phones, keeping the staff in line… he excels at all office chores.  And helps with our customer service!

💉Easy to give shots and medications to.
Very relaxed and goes with the flow.

Beautiful coat. Gorgeous eyes.
He’s is one of the neatest dogs in the kennel. He is house trained and maintains a very neat, clean tidy kennel. He is trying to be a good influence and lead by example to some of our other messy Marvin’s that destroy, shred and keep their kennels like a party zone.  His kennel is spotless.

🐕Homer Walks by other dogs ok. He is not too interested in cats.
He used to wander the streets so he is used to dealing with free roaming animals.  He can be playful and spontaneously energetic. He has tons of fun packed in his 62 pounds. Call and schedule a Meet and greet with other doggy friends to determine if he can do well in a home with other dogs.

He is currently reviewing  applications to find his pawfect home:
Here are his terms:
1. Big fenced yard. He LOVES♥️♥️to run and frolic and dance all around. He has such a free spirit. If you are feeling down take him to the play yard and your spirits will soar. He is quite the pick me up. ☀️
2. Sofa: he longs for a sofa of his own. He has really honed his reclining posture.
3. Leadership: Homer is very smart and is looking for a family that will help him be his best self. He likes to learn. He needs boundaries. He needs to know you are his boss. If not, he will take control of the ship himself.
The guidelines he would like his family to help him follow:
🐒Sit before getting on furniture and bed.
🛌Crate training so he has his own space.
🚶‍♂️Leash walking. He needs to learn to walk by your side not lead you up the street.
Homer responds well to boundaries. He is willing to please and treat motivated, training will be a breeze.

Homer is a staff and volunteer favorite. You need to come and meet this guy, take him to the play yard and let him charm his way into your heart.
He will be one of the best decisions you make today!!

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