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Starlette 63878

Date Available for Adoption: 03-06-2024

I am a 10 month old, Female, Pit Bull Mix.

💫Starlette is another member of the Animated Ears Club. She joins the elite list of distinguished characters including Ivy, Burton and the Alum that came before Drako and the OG Slick.

This sweet petite 29 pound young lady has lots of love to give once she gets to know you. She began her tour at HSWC being carried in the front door. She’s been making adjustments and learning the routine. She has some weight to gain and some socializing to do.

She seems to like dogs and cats. She doesn’t know what toys are but is highly trainable. She knows “sit” and “here’s my belly whether you asked for it or not.”

She is the creative genius behind her own training program. She is an easy walker, but does like a quick pace or even a light jog down the street, with frequent breaks for paws up for love.

It will be a wonderful journey for her into her new life of love and endless treats. We look forward to watching her open up more every day. Please come out and spend some time with this nice girl. Let’s show her how wonderful people are and get her into the right forever home.

Her perfect family will go slowly with her, only meet new people after two weeks in her new home, crate train her and do obedience training to help her become more confident and know her place in the pack. Let’s welcome Starlette to her new life where she will be treated like a Princess!!

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