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T.K. 63768

Date Available for Adoption: 03-05-2024

I am a 4 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

The best is yet To Come.
TK does not dwell on past events, he moves forward with life.

TK, The Taka, is the currency of Bangladesh. And our TK is very valuable to the staff and volunteers at HSWC. He arrived emaciated. He had very little energy. He brought tears to our eyes just to look at his fragile bones sticking out everywhere. He has quietly persevered and is gaining weight nicely. He is stronger and likes going for walks now. He has gained 7 pounds over 8 days getting him up to 45 pounds. His health is good and he has the most wonderful personality. You walk by his kennel and his eyes say Thank you to everyone, for saving him.

He is the type of gentleman that reads poetry to the cats.
😸He doesn’t hold grudges when they hiss at him. He remains aloof to their fussy swats and offers calming words to soothe them.
🐶 He calmly walks past all the barking nonsense and offers a polite greeting to his doggy neighbors.

We seem to think he has a British accent.
He might be a good candidate for a companion friend 🐾🐾🐾🐾down the road. We can see him in a house with cats. He is very respectful of other furry life forms. He is focusing on self care at the moment and we wish to support him in his quest for a healthy happy life. A high energy doggy friend might be too much for him right now. He could do well with calm personalities and a dog that respects personal space. His main goal is to find a nice quiet home to continue his journey in life. He would like to find suitable hoomans that share his hobbies.

He is the type of gentle soul that can be happy in many different situations, however, he will thrive in a home with less activity.
He is the type of fella that likes to take things apart and put them back together just to see how they work.
He’s a thinker.

He’s easy going and is always there to offer support and a kind tail wag if you are having a bad day. He will sit next to you and listen. He is not a roll in the floor and wrestle while trying to tug the sofa cushion out if your paw kinda guy. He prefers gentle pets, long chats, easy walks, maybe a game of chess. Of course, he is very interested in what you’ve got cooking in the kitchen and will need to continue to have good nutrition to gain more weight.

Please consider TK for your companion needs. He has alot to offer. He is very soothing to be with and will be happy just to be your best friend.

Adoption fee paid

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