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Vixen 63557

Date Available for Adoption: 02-01-2024

I am a 4 year old, Female, Cane Corso Mix.

Vixen, AKA Vixey, was found in a garbage can looking for food. Her story breaks our heart, but she is already on the road to her happy ending. From starved, emaciated and too exhausted to walk far, she now stands at her kennel door with a sparkle in her eye. She can’t wait for the good food and treats the staff bring to her each day. She is making good friends with the volunteers and can now walk down the street. She has a calm demeanor and is very receptive to scratches on her head. She takes a minute to warm up to new people and is not the kind of pupper to jump all over you with enthusiasm. She gives us a look to tell us there is an animated boxer personality in there just waiting to come out and goof off once a trusting relationship is built. She is very loyal to her friends and is happy when they visit her. She still has a ways to go to reach her full weight. She now weighs 56 pounds, but should keep gaining weight. She has beautiful blue brindle fur and high and tight ear style and beautiful eyes. We are looking for a special person or couple that can give her a quiet home where she can learn to open up and become her best self. She will make a wonderful loyal companion.
Here are the current facts:

Easy walker. Short walks. She is reluctant to go far from her safe kennel where her delicious food is.

Reserved and quiet.
Sweet personality when she knows you.

Enthusiastic about food. Should be fed separately in her crate.

Independent. Ok by herself.

Good Manners.

Indifferent to other animals. Unless they are near her food.
Because she was starved, food will always be a high value item and her hoomans need to respect her space when eating.

♥️This sweet girl will melt your heart when you spend some time with her.
She has not told us her whole story yet, but it seems she was wandering for some time, or ignored. She is ready to move on and not dwell on the past. She is one of those special dogs that looks out of her kennel door with THANK YOU in her eyes. We want to find her the best home!

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