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Whiskey 62279

Date Available for Adoption: 10-03-2023

Date Adopted: 12-09-23

I am a 1 year old, Neutered Male, German Shepard Mix.

We have our very own celebrities here at HSWC. Whiskey and (B)Randi may not have their own radio show just yet, but they are on their way to being very popular with the staff and volunteer walkers.

They dropped in as timid strays and have been sharing a bungalow and figuring out what this place is all about. They seem to be bonded and should be adopted to folks that have some experience with the GSD breed. Although we will consider separating them if needed, as it may be easier to train them if they’re separated. We would certainly love for them to find a home together, but we understand it’s not always possible.

They are starting to open up now and are showing very good behavior. Whiskey previously displayed some protective behavior and Brandi likes to walk in close proximity to Whiskey or she puts on the brakes and squeaks a bit. They are very smart and training should go quickly as they enjoy new experiences that challenge their brains. Both are on the small side (50 pounds right now) and have very good personalities. They have good walking manners and like to interact with their walking companions. They like country music of course! But are open to all genres of music. Come and visit these two delightful young shepherds to add some good times to your day.

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