Junie B

We are SO in love with her and wanted to share!!!  Our kitten is getting more friendly with her daily and our dog already claims her as part of the family!  She follows us around and is a snuggler and loves attention! It’s like she has always been a part of our family!
Thank you for such a wonderful experience adopting!

Charlie (Chewie)

We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful adoption experience of Chewie, now Charlie. He is super sweet and gets along so well with Luke- our first pup. Attached are some pics of his first days at home! Please make sure Steve, the volunteer that helped us introduce Charlie and Luke, sees these too.

Barkley (Emma)


Just wanted to update and send pictures of Barkley (formerly known as Emma☺️). She has definitely lived up to her new name 😆. When she wants extra attention or is ready to play she lets us know with her sassy bark!
> Barkley is such a loving, smart girl. She has been doing really good on her potty training and she sits on command.
> Some of her favorite things are playtime (including jumping on the trampoline), squeaky toys, relaxing outside, her nightly walks and bedtime! That girl loves her comfy bed and bedtime. Since the day we brought her home she has slept in her bed all night without getting up and doesn’t whine or bark just gets her beauty rest in.
> She has definitely completed our family!
> Thank you all for all that you do and for introducing us to our newest family member🐶


Nala and her new BFF!

Just want to send a final update and a huge THANK YOU to all of your staff and volunteers. Nala has become such a huge part of our little family. She is such an amazing dog: gentle, smart, playful, and a real cuddle bug! Thanks to all for taking such good care of the animals in your care. You are a true blessing to the animals… as well as the families that end up being blessed by the animals that you save! 💕


Today makes it a month (and a day) since I’ve had this precious boy. His expression in his adoption picture posting says it all, the poor baby was scared out of his mind. When I said I wanted to walk him, people at the shelter were happy I said his name, but also seemed concerned. I was repeatedly seeing a look that said “Oh no… this might not go well.” Before I could even see Aniken, they warned me several times that he was unsocialized and that I would have to carry him outside because he was scared of (literally) everything. As expected, his fear had him pee on me the first time I held him. When I got him right outside the shelter doors, he wouldn’t budge. He wouldn’t walk. He wouldn’t make eye contact and sat there shaking like a leaf and whimpering. Sometimes he was even trying to go back inside. The sight of him in his kettle was heartbreaking – I couldn’t let him go back to cowering in the corner of his kettle and facing the wall. So instead of giving up, my roommate and I sat there for a good 15 minutes talking to him and spoiling him with Pupperoni that he was too afraid to eat, and after that amount of time Aniken was still whimpering and shaking. So I took a different approach – rather than speak ‘human’, I started to whimper back at him. His ears went up and though still scared you could see him thinking “What the heck is this lady doing?” and we actually got him to take a few steps! He started eating treats, and he started to take a few more steps, and eventually with the help of treats we managed to have him walk a small side of the side walk!
Now? As you can see he likes to walk, he likes to play, and he loves to cuddle. He loves people, kids, cats, and other dogs and his fear is replaced with curiosity and playfulness. It’s only been a month, and sure we’ve had rough moments (RIP to my curtains and carpet) but seeing the growth so far in Aniken makes it worth it. I’m so grateful to the Humane Society of Wicomico County for introducing me to this loving boy.
If you’re on the fence about adoption, I 1000% encourage you to do it. You’re not just adopting a pet, you’re helping the life of a new family member.