I adopted Ms Sarde on 8/2/19. Her name is now Zara (her brothers name is Zeek, so I wanted to stay with the “Z” names) She has fit in with her new home so WELL. She LOVES to be around people and has grown to love her “big brother”. Thank you Wicomico Humane Society for helping me find my sassy, sweet girl!

Gouda now Alita

Just thought I’d share these, I hope the videos show up of Gouda and Karma because they are adorable. We changed Gouda’s name to Alita, but she is super sweet and really obedient! She listens really well. She’s great!


1st picture is at the shelter when Sumo adopted us thank God for him he is a big ball of fun and love. The 2nd picture is Sumo’s graduation picture when he received his service animal vest, patch and 🆔  card. We are definitely blessed with our handsome Son. The 3rd picture is him sitting in the yard watching the storm clouds go by. US kennels is selling Calendars with Sumo and me to raise money for us Veterans the Calendar’s are $15 each if you all would like to obtain a calendar with Sumo please contact US KENNELS tell them Sumo sent you 410-572-4328. Thank you so much for our sweet baby boy

Phyllis Now Bella

I adopted “Phyllis” 4 weeks ago and she is now “Bella”. She doing great, is a little love bug and she and Bash get along well. He loves her so much, bathed her face and neck and is teaching her to cover in the litter box. Attached are a couple of pics!


 I just wanted to let you know that Jewel is adjusting great, we got her a brother and they are getting along better than ever expected. Thank you for helping find her a home.