Brittan’s (formerly Zoobie) first night was fantastic! Everything was perfect. She ate well, slept well and acts like she’s right at home.  She sits on command and we believe she’s house trained. We just love her!  She is named after a nurse at PRMC who took care of my mother in her final days last month.  The nurse was wonderful and just as sweet as our new baby, so we thought the name was fitting. Thanks so much to all at Wicomico Humane for their kindness and the hassle free adoption!


We loved Marley’s name but we changed it to Harley. We thought new beginning, new name & she responded to it very well! Maybe b/c it almost sounds the same! Harley’s blended with our family like she’s always been with us! Her & her sister Ryley  are bonding well too! She met Dr. Nolte last week & he gave her 2 thumbs up 👍👍 I attached a few photos. Please share them w/everyone & let them know how good she’s doing & how much we love her! 💞 Thank You ALL for taking such good care of her & loving her while she was with you!



Hi we wanted to update you on Fatima. She is doing great!! She’s slowly gaining weight and is doing well.. only downfall we have is she has severe separation anxiety.. And likes to chew and tear on stuff…. And feels most comfortable in her kennel when we leave….the first couple days she was on being left out. Then moved her to our laundry room.  That was a funny disaster…. And then we did kennel with tv on and that seemed better for her. We love her so much. And thankful we were allowed to adopt her!


The perfect adoption, first everyone is happy!  Just look at this ride home.  Then girls working hard to keep Chief quiet to allow stitches to heal.  However,  within 24 hours he proved out as a house trained, crate trained, perfect gentleman given full run of the house, evidenced by his sofa nap next to my open purse.  No interested in all the stuff laying about.  He is eating well, is housebroken. Has vet appt scheduled and we love him!  Thank you everyone for allowing us to adopt “Captain Smith.”