Mojo is doing great, however, we have changed his name to “Blue” for the blue brindle.  I was concerned that “Mo” and “no” may get confusing while trying to train him.  The pictures are of him with his first Frosty Paws, resting with his Dad, on the raft with me in the pool (just jumped on) and his cutie pose.  He spends some time in his kennel but more time out of it and potty training is going well. His doctor’s appointment was Monday, he has gained 7 pounds and got his booster shots.


We just wanted you to know all is going well and we are all very happy together.  Thank you for all of your help and advice with the adoption, you did a great job for us.  We will stay in touch.

Trapper and Bistro

We have renamed them Apollo and Athena, but they have become the best of friends just in one day. Athena looks for him and he looks for her when the other leaves the room. They love sleeping in Momma and Daddy’s bed. They have loved snuggling up to us and are actually very well behaved and great listeners. Just in a day!! But we are so thankful for your shelter and that we were able to help 2 beautiful souls.


Cosmo is now “RUSTY” and he seems to know his name!
He’s loving life; he eats like a little horse, plays, naps and then eats and plays some more!
He’s been sleeping with my wife and me every night and snuggles up right next to our shoulders and necks.. we love it! He purrs loudly, until he falls to sleep. Unfortunately, he’s awake and ready to start a new day between 3:30 and 6:00 AM… we’ve got to work on that!

He had his first Veterinary visit yesterday and got an A+ from the Vet.. he’s doing great and has already gained a pound since we took him home, 11 days ago…. but he sure didn’t like that last shot they had to give him.

Thank you, and to the rest of the staff, and to the volunteers for bringing this new, and already spoiled, fur baby into our lives.