Hi this is jennifer, my family and I wanted to give an update on Ms.Minxie.🐈 Since adopting Minxie she’s mostly been in hiding because its a new environment. The last couple days she’s made major progress. She has let my husband and i pick her up, pet her, brush her. We even got her princess collar on her. 👸 she loves neck scratches and butt pats. 🥰 Were prepared to take as much time as she needs to get fully comfortable here. She seems to like my daughter (6) but my son (2) makes her nervous which is understandable because he makes me nervous. 😂 I’ll be sure to send more updates as time goes on. Thank you all for blessing our family. ❤

Gus (Ryder)

Hello all!!
Hope all is going well and everyone is staying safe.
Ryder is now Gus.  He is such a sweet boy and our family just loves him.  He and our Daisy are best buds.
Enjoy the attached pics.

Thank you for all you do!
The Van Hekle Family

Mayweather & Chala

Hi Dawn! I just wanted to let you know how well Ziggy (Chala) and Zane (Mayweather) are doing. They are completely at home and love each other too. We are so so happy with them.