We are so happy to include Mitszu as a family member! He is very loving and snuggly!  He has adapted well and is already part of the family♡ My husband and I feel like our searching  for over 6 months for the right baby really paid off with our precious Mitszu♡

Thank you ,
John & Nancy

Louie (formerly Fez)

Just wanted to give you an update on Louie (formerly Fez). He is doing great and adjusting to his new life at home! He loves belly rubs, laying in laps, and giving kisses. He has even started playing with a few squeaky toys! He is walking very well on a leash, and has learned to “sit” “stay” and “come” very consistently. He is coming out of his shell more and more each day. He has learned to roll down the hill in the back yard only to run back up and roll again. He is the just the best puppy! I’ve attached some pictures for you. I appreciate you all allowing me to adopt Louie (Fez). He is a perfect fit for my family!

Hank Gibbs

Ana, AKA Esther

Hi guys!!

Just wanted to give everyone a little Esther update! Her new name is Ana and she loves the change! She is coming out of her shell quite a bit and is enjoying all the puppy snuggles she can get. We are so happy to have welcomed her into our home she is a perfect fit and we are pretty sure she feels the same way about us. Thank you for bringing this sweet girl into our lives.


Hi this is jennifer, my family and I wanted to give an update on Ms.Minxie.🐈 Since adopting Minxie she’s mostly been in hiding because its a new environment. The last couple days she’s made major progress. She has let my husband and i pick her up, pet her, brush her. We even got her princess collar on her. 👸 she loves neck scratches and butt pats. 🥰 Were prepared to take as much time as she needs to get fully comfortable here. She seems to like my daughter (6) but my son (2) makes her nervous which is understandable because he makes me nervous. 😂 I’ll be sure to send more updates as time goes on. Thank you all for blessing our family. ❤