Humane Society Office: 410-749-7603

Wicomico County Animal Control: 410-749-1070

Salisbury City Animal Control: 410-548-3165


While Miss Ginger is still a picky eater, she LOVES cream cheese! I hide her pill in it and she wolfs a ball of it down without suspecting a thing. Sitting at the top of the driveway to watch the world go by is her favorite past time. We walk several times a day and she always brings
me back to her favorite spot. She’s well behaved in the car, sleeps through the night and has had no accidents. She has very good manners, so perhaps someone taught her sit/stay or heel, in her former life?
We’re so happy she’s relaxing and fitting in. Ginger is a precious girl and very affectionate (cuddler!). She also has a playful, funny side.

Thank you, again, for bringing us together. We love her so much!

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